University Courses

The college curriculum centers on historical inquiry and the process of “doing history.” As students study the Grand Canyon as a particular place, its people, and events through time, they also analyze primary documents, interrogate historical arguments, examine historiographical shifts, and practice building their own historical interpretations. Student products include traditional papers, websites, PowerPoint shows, documentaries, exhibits, and public presentations. Visit the 300 and 498 course links below for syllabi and samples of student work.

Website Resources Offer Important Supplemental Resources to Curriculum

This website further enriches the lessons by providing numerous primary and secondary sources. For example, Canyon history essays, pictures, documents, and maps point to the significance of this iconic landscape.


Photo: NASA

History 300

Course Description This course engages students in “doing history” by exploring American history through the lens of the Grand Canyon. Two goals drive this class: 1) further develop students’ historical habits of mind and...

Photo: Paul Hirt

History 498

Course Description The Grand Canyon is one of the world’s natural wonders and a destination for millions of people from around the world every year. This capstone seminar explores the history and cultural significance...