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Many of the lands and locations on this map are linked to pages in our Grand Canyon website that explore the history of those places. Click on the names of lands adjacent to the national park to learn more about them.

Map Credit: National Park Service


This Landsat image shows Lake Powell, the second-largest capacity reservoir in the United States. The lake was created in 1963 by the building of Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River. The entire area known as Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, is run by the National Park Service.

Image courtesy of the Landsat Project digital archives, part of a joint endeavor of the U.S. Geological Survey and NASA.

Click the names of the tribal reservations in northern Arizona to learn more about their history and connection to the Grand Canyon.

explore BEYOND the BOUNDARIES of grand canyon national park

- BLM's Arizona Strip
- Glen Canyon Dam
- Havasupai Reservation
- Hopi Reservation
- Hualapai Reservation
- Kaibab National Forest
- Kaibab Paiute Reservation
- Lake Mead
- Lake Powell
- Navajo Reservation