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The new elementary human history trunk, geared primarily for fourth graders but adaptable for a variety of grade levels, teaches students about human activities and encounters at the canyon throughout time from archaeological data to more current park records. Materials in this trunk are designed to give the young learner a variety of hands-on, minds-on activities to explore and learn about the canyon, bolstering reading, writing, geographical, and historical skills at the same time. This curriculum is aligned with Arizona Standards for Social Studies, Reading, and Writing, and engages the students in practical problem solving.

The lessons identified on this page are part of the Human History trunk available through the Grand Canyon Association in the Elementary Travelin' Trunk. You may download the PDF of the teacher guide here.

Educators may borrow the Travelin’ Trunks for a two-week period to help their students learn about the Grand Canyon. For more information on ordering a trunk, visit the Grand Canyon Association's website at http://www.grandcanyon.org/fieldinstitute/educators_trunk.asp

Photo: Patricia Biggs
Photo: Yolonda Youngs
pic Photo: NPS


student created grand canyon folders

what is grand about grand canyon?

Photo: Yolonda Youngs
Photo: Yolonda Youngs
Photo: Bill Hatcher

how long is the human timeline of grand canyon?

'we are still here': Native americans at grand canyon

early artifacts of grand canyon peoples

pic Photo: NAU, Cline Library pic
Photo: NPS
pic Photo: Library of Congress

growth of
grand canyon tourism

architect mary jane colter and grand canyon

and the
grand canyon