Reaching out to school audiences was one of the goals of the “Nature, Culture, and History at the Grand Canyon” project. To meet this objective, Arizona State University scholars and students partnered with Arizona teachers, Navajo consultants, and the Grand Canyon Association (GCA). The team revised GCA’s existing human history elementary trunk and created a new secondary trunk for GCA's Travelin Trunk program. In addition to the trunks, the team created additional lessons that are posted on this website. For university students, the project contributed to the development of two courses on the Grand Canyon. History 300 is an introduction to historical thinking and History 498 is a pro-seminar that requires students to research and offer their own historical interpretations.

Linda Sargent Wood would like to offer her deep appreciation to those who helped create the Travelin’ Trunks and to all who participated in and contributed to the History 300 and 498 classes. It was truly a team effort to complete this project and everyone on the team made the project all the more valuable and enjoyable! Thanks also to those working on the website for their work in making these materials available through the internet. For a list of all those who helped click here.


Travelin' Trunks.
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Photo: Patricia Biggs


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Photo: Patricia Biggs

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